Terms of Entry

Terms of Entry:

1- Eligibility:

 Any person under the age of 18 may submit his/her entry on his/her favorite place, what s/he likes there, and what s/he wants to share and show about it.

A- 4-5 years of age

B- 6-9 years of age

C- 10-13 years of age

D- 14-18 years of age

E- Children with special abilities under 18 years of age


 All the available materials may be used including colored pencils, oil pastels, felt-tip pens, oil paints, watercolors, colored papers, newspaper and magazine clippings, fired and glazed clay and ceramic paste, as well as digital photography.

3- Fields of Art:

Drawing, painting, collage, engraving, sculpture, modeling, digital photography, and new media arts. Monochrome and color images are printed. Motion images and movies are submitted on DVD.

4- Number of Entries:

Each artist may submit only one entry.

5- Artwork Specifications:

Authenticity, Expressing the Thought of the Little Artist:

We encourage cooperation between teachers, supervisors or parents with the little artist through discussing artwork theme (My Favorite Place) and using audio, sensory and visual media to help illustrate it and stimulate him/her, or through discussion and dialogue to help children to talk about the places they want to express.The artwork should be pure artistic innovation derived entirely from the child, the artist himself, who will draw, produce and prepare it by himself in the case of solo artworks or with his friends in the case of collective artworks, without any intervention or assistance from anyone. The artwork shouldn’t also be traced or transferred from artwork or photograph; regrettably, artworks that have intervention or addition by other persons will be excluded.

Artwork Dimensions:

Two-dimension solo artworks should not be less than 35 × 50 cm and not more than 50 × 70 cm.

Three-dimension solo artworks height should not be less than 15 cm and not more than 50 cm.

Two-dimension collective artworks should not be less than 100 × 140 cm and not more than 100 × 280 cm.

Three-dimension collective artworks height should not be less than 50 cm and not more than 100cm.

Note: flat artworks will be presented in one unfolded paper that nothing is stapled or adhered to it. Collective artworks should be rolled up; a copy of the registration form is attached to the back of the artwork.

6-  Artwork Presentation:

Artworks will be coordinated as follows:

A- Artworks will be classified by age.

B- A separate section of the exhibition will be allocated for the artworks presented by schools.

C- A section will be allocated for collective artworks.

D- A section will be allocated for children with special abilities.

E- Biennale administration has the right to retain the artworks submitted to the competition.

F- Biennale administration has the right to use the artworks in the conference booklets and the cultural purposes.

7- Information Form and Artwork Delivery:

Please make sure to get the registration form of Cairo International Biennale of Children’s Art 2019 and attach a personal photograph of the artist, the artwork creator.

The form should be completed carefully and then attached to the artwork that is intended to be presented in the exhibition. Information in the form will help us classifying the artworks,writing the right data on it, and easily contacting participants.

8- Artwork Delivery:

The delivery of the artworks begins on April 1st, 2019 and the deadline for delivery is ٍSeptember  15th, 2019. Artworks from foreign countries will be delivered to General Administration for Cultural Promotion, Fine Arts Sector, 1 Kafour St., Giza.

If there are any other questions, please contact the commissaire general of the Biennale by email: [email protected]

A committee will be formed to sort and select the artworks that will be allowed to participate in the competition, according to the terms, specifications, artistic, aesthetic and expressive values, artwork judgment, and final awards nomination.

Selection Committee (Jury) is comprised of president and four members for each phase, covering the competition fields of different arts.

9- Evaluation:

Evaluation will be based on:

Experiences and knowledge related to phases of artistic expression for each stage of study; children artistic expression change according to their stages of growth:

Primary stage: artistic expression is built on initial explorations of the place concept; elementary skills and concepts are simple.

Preparatory stage: artistic expression is built on place discovery and skills and concepts development.

Secondary stage: artistic expression is built on a deeper level of awareness of the form and symbol concept of the place, anda higher level of proficiency, reflecting his own experiences.

Fine Art and Aesthetic Values of Artworks:

  • Aesthetic values.
  • Innovative values.
  • Symbolic values.
  • Technique values.
  • Expression values.

10- Awards and Certificates of Appreciation:

Six artworks, three-dimension artwork and flat artwork, in each stage win biennale awards which are certificate from Fine Arts Sector and medal (First Award, Second Award and Third Award).

Special abilities category: nomination of the best three competitors in each competition field, three-dimension artwork and flat artwork.

11- Publications:

The catalog of the Biennale and other publications will be designed using a selection of artworks participating in the competition. A professional designer will create these designs to be approved by the Supreme Committee. Then, the catalog will be distributed to the countries and provinces participating in the competition as well as the award winners.

12- Exhibition:

The exhibition, featuring the participating artworks which are chosen by the Selection Committee (Jury) and the award-winning ones, will be held at Gezira Art Center in Cairo.

13- Registration:

Registration form is downloadable from the Biennale’s and Fine Arts Sector’s websites. Also, it is available at the Directorates of Education, Ministry of Education in Egypt.


Online registration can be done via the Biennale’s website:


or Fine Arts Sector’s website: