ِAbout Competition

ِAbout Competition

Cairo International Biennale of Childrens Art 2021

Fine Arts Sector and AmeSea

A Picture of My Country

The Supreme Committee for Cairo International Biennale of Children’s Art, held in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture represented by the Fine Arts Sector, and Africa and Middle East Society for Education through Art (AmeSea), has the pleasure to announce the call for entries for the second session of the Biennale in 2021.

This Biennale calls on the children of the world to express their feelings and their relationship to their homeland and the image that they would like to present to the world about their country, city, village, or monuments. This is a very special picture of every country in the world that is unique to it so that this session of the biennale will serve as a visit to all countries of the world through children’s drawings.

Dear Artist:

You and your friends may draw a picture of your country to tell us through it about your city and country. You may use colors, colored papers, the camera, computer, or cut pictures of your country and make a collage. We want to see your country, city, or village through your expression of it; we want to see the traditional costume, folk crafts, houses, or ancient places of your country; the world wants to see the celebrations in your country how are they and what happen in them; the world wants to see the feasts and official, religious and family celebrations, the songs that you sing on those occasions, and the street in your country. Draw all that you want to present your country to the world to let us visit your country through your artistic drawings.

Before you start your artwork:

  • Search the industries and handicrafts that characterize your country.
  • Take pictures with your mobile phone of some handicrafts in your country.
  • Search the traditional costume and occasion clothes.
  • Discuss with your art teacher and friends what the celebrations are like.
  • Search the songs related to occasions in your country and attach them with your drawings.
  • Search archaeological places and ancient streets and tell us about them in your drawings.
  • Through your drawings, tell us about house and tree shapes and colors.
  • The world loves to see everything that distinguishes your country.

When you finish your work of art, send it to the Cairo International Biennale of Children’s Art dedicated to the display of the artworks created by you, your friends and colleagues.